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    slctvrnt:--::|~|:shwqty:--:true:|~|:qty:--:1:|~|:prdurl:--:|~|:prdimgtp:--:variant:|~|:prdclass:--:ba-9795081:|~|:prdbtnltp:--:cart:|~|:prdbtnelt:--::|~|:prdbtncpt:--:BUY NOW!:|~|:prdbtnclass:--:zpa-button-padding-large bcss-9795081:|~|:prdbtnalign:--:zpa-button-alignment-left:|~|:prdbdhtml:--:These Linen blend pillow cases have the look of burlap but the feel of cotton. Give your home an INSTANT MAKEOVER just by changing the pillows! Great for both indoor and outdoor.

    →Same fabric on front and back
    → Envelope closure
    →Double stitched all hems
    →Triple stitched on all stress points
    → Serged for a professional finish
    →Attention to details
    → Use cold water and mild detergent, AIR DRY ONLY (Do not Dry Clean):|~|:mcontclstclass:--:cluster-padding-medium cac-9795082:|~|:mcontclass:--:zpa-plain-product-022-v3 zpa-container ba-9795082:|~|:imgpos:--:left:|~|:handle:--:linen-burlap-buffalo-plaid-pillow-covers-free-shipping:|~|:descclass:--:pda-9795081:|~|:dcrt2class:--:ba-9795085:|~|:dcrt1class:--:ba-9795084:|~|:crtmsgclass:--:pcma-9795081:|~|:clstid:--:2515345:|~|:brdclass:--:ba-9795083:|~|:addcrtmsg:--:Product has been added to cart