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    no more sleeping on the couch

    no more sleeping on the couch

    Living on a farm you would think that the nights would be filled with sounds of crickets and the wind rustling through the corn fields - not so here - I have lived with a lumber jack for the last 5 years! Now, with the Snore Solutions Anti Snoring Stop Relief Spray by ProfesSnore - bedtime is no longer a drag. This anti snoring spray helps you to wake up feeling much better the following day - more refreshed. This product works better then other products and though it may not take away the snoring completely, it does dull the noise to a manageable level. Since SNORING HAPPENS IN THE BACK OF YOUR THROAT ,This spray lubricates the part that vibrates when breathing in, and allows for a more relaxed state of being - therefore resulting in a better night sleep - for you and your spouse! PROFESSNORE natural oil blend, effectively reduces the vibrations that cause snoring. For the price, you cannot beat the results of the POFESSNORE. (This does not eliminate the cause of snoring and is not recommended for those with sleep apnea.)

     Try some for yourself (or a loved one) and see if this will help with a better nights sleep

    Tea, Good Book and Summer nights

    Tea, Good Book and Summer nights

    Somedays it is completely necessary to drink a pot of tea! My "somedays" have been about EVERY day the last couple of months. With graduations, open houses, summer get togethers... not to mention all the unseasonable cool rainy days! I keep waiting for a long summer day! With the weather being as such, I was thrilled when I was asked to review this BELANKO 2.7 QUART WHISTLING TEA KETTLE.

    I chose the white kettle as it will go with my decor the best. Now, I can cuddle up with a good book and enjoy a nice spot (or pot) of tea! The kettle is very light weight with a beautiful finish. The faux wood handle which is silicone-coated and insulated, allows you to lift the teapot directly without risk of burns. There is a button under the handle that allows you to easily open or close the spout keeping you safe from getting burned by steam. The whistle is loud enough to draw your attention without splitting your eardrums! Over all I am very pleased with the look and function of this tea/coffee kettle. I have had many compliments on the look of the kettle and I have to agree that this is the best, most comfortable design I have seen.

    Do you have a favorite tea? Two of my favorite company's are DECEMBER LARKS and BINGLEYS TEAS

    Now.. Off to find a good book, a blanket and a quiet corner to enjoy the rest of the day!

    Perfect Travel Accessory

    Perfect Travel Accessory

    I just found the perfect travel - Oversized, 80''x80'' Extra Large Outdoor Beach Blanket / Picnic Mat! This is great for trips to the creek, camping, beach etc..

    As Dr. Seuss would say, "Oh the places we will go"!

    When I as asked to write a review on this Waterproof and Foldable mat, to be honest I did not have high expectations. This is a company I have never heard of before and I got it off of Amazon - So, to be honest, I was expecting cheap plastic. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. The Velcro strip has a good grip and the padding is not too thin. This mat is a lot larger than I expected with a quilted stitching that makes the look of the mat more appealing. The texture and style looks more like a blanket than a plastic tarp, which is what I was expecting.

    The only thing I would have liked is maybe some weighted corners. Though the mat was easy to unfold, we had trouble with the breeze keeping the mat flat. As you can see in the picture, having people and items on the the mat will help with this issue, but the weights would be a great feature.

    This mat will definitely be added to our camper for our mini adventures. I have not seen another item that is light weight and that converts into a small enough size to fit into a backpack. I saved the best for last : This folding picnic camping mat is completely machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning! Now I dont have to worry about the kids actually eating on our picnic blanket! Other possible uses: Yoga Mat, Outdoor Baby Play area, ore even used as a light blanket...

    Find the Blanket Here:

    Changing Habits

    Changing Habits

    When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble. - Proverbs 4:12

    Loving these lightweight running shoes - even good on gravel ;) You have to get up pretty early in the morning even in the Midwest to beat the heat - but grateful to be home. Being back in the Mid-West I dont have to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat, and for that I am so grateful! Back in Georgia it was hot by 8 am!

    They have a great Comfortable knit upper of the tennis shoes breathes well and fits snug in midfoot provide very secure and planted feeling. Anti-collision round toe is designed to protect feet from hitting.  Full-length cushioning insole using a bouncier, high-rebound foam improve energy return. More balanced cushioning of tennis shoes offers a smoother ride - especially on these gravel roads!

    I am trying to adapt healthier choices again. I will probably start back at the gym (since I am paying for it anyway) It will be cooler indoors PLUS I need to get into the habit before the cold weather hits!

    Now all I need is a workout playlist...

    If you want to check out these running shoes -you can find them on Amazon at a great price!

    Summer Snack Station

    Summer Snack Station

    Summertime seemed so slow when I was a kid. Now that I am the adult - summer feels like it is flying by. To help ease the stress of the summer activities rush, I have created a "Summer Snack Station". The snack station will allow me to set out snacks and drinks without having to be super creative as I am rushing out the door. With the help of #GREATKidsSnacks ... now we all can have a healthy snack without any hassle. AND BONUS - No mom guilt! These are a tasty and HEALTHY treat to grab!


    1) Some bottled Water - quick to grab

    2) Add some water flavor packs or bottles - our favorite is from TrueLemon!

    3) Granola Bars, Dried Fruit, Protein Bars (either homemade or store bought) 

    4) Add a little chalk board to the wall and put "todays menu" or an encouraging note to the kids - Maybe some fun outdoor ideas...

    5) Squeeze- able fruit pouches that dont need refrigerated

    Be creative and remember most of all to have fun. Take a minute to enjoy the sunset and fireflies. Kids grow up way too fast.

    Thank you #GREATKidsSnackBox!